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My books are from my experience in society, business and art

My books are from my experience in society, business and art
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48 hours to leave France

1st book: 1991  

Sweeper life in lithography print shop
in Paris from 1974 to 1976

Strategy, designer and artist Parisian life  

First book: Shombit Sengupta’s first book “48 heurespour quiterla France” was written in French, and published by Michel Lafont, France, in 1991.
The book was about his experience as a designer in European corporate houses to bring drastic changes in them from France to other parts of the world. He‘d arrived in France from a penniless home outside a Kolkata refugee colony in 1973 to become penniless illegal immigrant intent upon becoming an artist.
But in 1977, the central police station in Paris ordered his deportation, he had to leave France within 48 hours. Unknown to him, a guardian angel in the form of a kind-hearted woman in another counter of the police station, watched his entire eviction interview.
As he was leaving the police station with his year old child and wife, she discreetly asked him where his son was born.
On discovering that he was born in France, she declared that he had every legal right to stay in France, nobody can throw them out. She provided him all help to legalize his stay in France.
Subsequently the Sengupta family got French nationality. The book describes his strong love for French art and culture, his acceptance to work under any situation to get a foothold in France. Shombit later became among France‘s most distinguished business strategists and designers.
This book explained how, in spite of a huge immigration problem, French society and corporate houses gave him enormous courage, support and acceptance to establish himself as a sought after creative person in the country.
Shombit with first book
Shombit with first book
At the launch of “48 Heures Pour Quiter la France (48 hours to leave France),” Shombit’s first book in French, in the most prestigious Au Mondes des l’art, 18 Rue de Paradis, Paris 10th District. The author is signing his book.
48 hours to leave France
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Corrugated Slices
1st book: 1991
48 hours to leave France
in French Publisher: Michelle Lafont, Paris
2nd book: 1994
Art of the brand,
The 10 commandments of strategic design Publisher: Rupa, India
3rd book: 2007
First book of Jalebi Trilogy: Jalebi Management, All stakeholders can enjoy a bite Publisher: Sage Publications, USA
4th book: 2014
Second book of Jalebi Trilogy: Strategic Pokes, The Business Jalebi Publisher: Sage Publications, USA
5th book: 2015
Third book of Jalebi Trilogy: Corrugated Slices, The Social Jalebi Publisher: Sage Publications, USA
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