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My books are from my experience in society, business and art

My books are from my experience in society, business and art
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About author  

Shombit wants his stepping into the world everyday to be colourful and joyful. So he’s been consistent these last 30 years in driving a shocking socks drama on his feet. He always needs different kinds of socks to make his every step very creative. As he dresses colourfully too, if sometimes he’s not dressed brightly, people from corporate boardrooms to the shop-floor enquire why he’s become sober. Then and there he lifts his trousers just a wee bit to reveal multi-hued socks on his ankles.
Shombit Sengupta has authored 4 books, one in French called 48 Heures Pour Quiter la France and three in English called The Art of the Brand, Jalebi Management and Strategic Pokes. The latter two books are part of the Jalebi Trilogy together with the upcoming book called Corrugated Slices to be published by Sage in April 2014. He is a weekly columnist in Indian Express and Financial Express since the last 5 years.
A French national now, Shombit started life in a refugee colony outside Kolkata in divided Bengal. The refugee colony house had mud floor, bamboo walls and thatched roof with no electricity and potable water. He left for Paris in 1973 with US$8 in his pocket. His education at the Government College of Art and Craft, Kolkata and in Paris at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts and École Supérieure d'Arts Graphiques Penninghen remained incomplete due to paucity of funds and insufficient time away from livelihood earning.
During his meteoric rise from working as a sweeper to becoming a designer and a global business strategy and its execution consultant to top management, Shombit had versatile experiences in diverse industries and different art and culture domains that gave him a deeper understanding of human sensitivity across all races. From this insight, he mastered the unique art of understanding the subconscious mind. He translated this into the fine art of business that has shown several global organizations the way to profitable and sustainable growth.
Shombit originated Emotional Surplus delivery which is about using a disruptive mindset to chart business strategy and achieve execution excellence. Emotional Surplus blends and uplifts 3 fundamental factors that customers choose with when purchasing any brand in the world. Shombit has very precisely defined these 3 inseparable factors as the Rational, Functional and Emotive attributes. When the customer says “I believe in it” for a brand, the expression defines the rational non visible quality of a product or service. When the customer says, “It works well for me” it means the functionality of the product and its service excellence surpasses the user’s need. The customer’s words “It looks good” refers to the embellishment of the product or service. These 3 together combine to deliver Emotional Surplus, the sustaining market value of a product or service which generates continuous growth and healthy profit.
Shombit Sengupta is today an international management consultant to top management on uniquely distinctive and disruptive business strategy with execution excellence. He has provided lasting value to his customers and customers’ customers he has been consulting with for 36 years across 5 continents.
48 hours to leave France
  Art of the brand  
  Jalebi Management  
  Strategic Pokes  
Corrugated Slices
1st book: 1991
48 hours to leave France
in French Publisher: Michelle Lafont, Paris
2nd book: 1994
Art of the brand,
The 10 commandments of strategic design Publisher: Rupa, India
3rd book: 2007
First book of Jalebi Trilogy: Jalebi Management, All stakeholders can enjoy a bite Publisher: Sage Publications, USA
4th book: 2014
Second book of Jalebi Trilogy: Strategic Pokes, The Business Jalebi Publisher: Sage Publications, USA
5th book: 2015
Third book of Jalebi Trilogy: Corrugated Slices, The Social Jalebi Publisher: Sage Publications, USA
  Shombit Sengupta  
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  Strategic Pokes:
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  Jalebi Management:
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