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My books are from my experience in society, business and art

My books are from my experience in society, business and art
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Jalebi Trilogy
Learn about customer centricity in the Jalebi Trilogy like no management school teaches!
Shombit Sengupta has never studied in a business school. In fact he’s not a graduate either, but he’s been to the world’s most prestigious art schools, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts and École Supérieure d'Arts Graphiques Penninghen in Paris, France. Before that he was in Government College of Art and Craft, Kolkata. But paucity of funds and insufficient time away from livelihood earning did not allow him to complete his studies. However he became a processor in an industrial design school in Paris.
Yet Shombit is an international strategy and execution consultant to top management of several Fortune 500 companies. He has worked in 5 continents, making companies profit from his consulting skills. What is his core competence? It’s customer centricity. Because without customers, can there ever be any business anywhere in the world?.
IB-schools impart theoretical knowledge about the importance of customers. What Shombit teaches his clients is how to co-opt customers of diverse socio-cultural, psychological types into their business so the customer becomes a repeat customer, thus making the products-brands sell and the company become financially successful and sustains.
In his Jalebi Trilogy, Shombit reveals what customer centricity is all about, how to instantly identify customers, ensure they get high returns in benefit from what they buy so their fidelity factor grows. Shombit has used his expertise of having worked across varied industries in different countries to write on disruptive business strategy and its execution excellence that brings sustainable growth to business houses. His versatile experiences in diverse industries and different art and culture domains have given him a deeper understanding of human sensitivity of all races. He translated this into the fine art of business that has shown his global client organizations the way to profitable and sustainable growth. He has provided lasting value to his customers and customer’s customers he has been consulting with for 36 years.
Shombit’s first book was written in French. His books in English are all about business and its intersection with contemporary society. His first English book was called The Art of the Brand. This book made Shombit’s PUB Reflex famous among management circles. PUB Reflex outlines that a brand should first Provoke, which would make people curious to Understand it, after which they will Buy it.
Shombit then started writing the Jalebi series starting with Jalebi Management. Why jalebi? According to Shombit, jalebi is perhaps the only sweet that connects the poor and rich, old and young across heterogeneous India. In Jalebi Management, Shombit used the jalebi’s seamless interconnections to illustrate how Indian industry can compete and win globally by creating delicious bites for customers.
As Azim Premji, Chairman of Wipro had said, “Jalebi Management covers a variety of subjects using jalebi as a metaphor. Shombit takes you through social, cultural and historical perspectives. The jalebi changes not only in the shape, it changes in terms of what you put into it in terms of slanting its taste. This is very relevant when you work across different cultures in different parts of the world. The changes are so important that you have to be sensitive and localized to those cultures.”
The second book in the Jalebi trilogy is Strategic Pokes. This is the Business Jalebi which extracts the googly aspect of the jalebi while making it analogous to business. The jalebi’s crookedness gives the strategic pokes. His book sensitizes readers on the unsavoury pokes in business they are already experiencing implicitly. Jacques Vincent, Board Director and former Vice Chairman & COO of the Euro 28 billion French worldwide giant, Groupe Danone came to India to inaugurate this book. Mr Vincent had appointed and worked with Shombit from 1984 on several Groupe Danone brands in different countries. He said, “I went through different stages in reading Strategic Pokes; it challenged me, made me feel enthusiastic, bitter, seduced, moved, but never indifferent.”
Acknowledging that Shombit has contributed enormously towards setting the future of the company Danone since 1987, Mr Vincent said that based on Shombit’s contribution, “Today the brand Activia is the largest food brand in France. Worldwide, it is a Euro 3 billion brand today.”
Subroto Bagchi, Chairman of Mindtree and himself an author of business books, said during the launch of Strategic Pokes, “Shombit’s mind is primal; he is a rainforest thinker. This book is an invitation to you to step into his mind and explore its synaptic charges. Raw, fresh, original. In the course of the journey, he delivers you the truth without seeking sophistication. He does not intellectualize, he gives you authenticity.” Strategic Pokes responds to readers with an unusual organization of the content, with ideas in poke doses. That’s because today’s generation is always short on time and patience. These pokes are varied, increasing every day and becoming sharper, both globally and locally. This book also suggests directions towards overcoming barriers that prevent business growth.
Shombit Sengupta’s third book of the Jalebi Trilogy is called Corrugated Slices, the Socail Jalebi. Said author Abhijit Bhaduri, who’s also Chief Learning Officer at Wipro: “Shombit is disruptive in everything he does, most certainly disruptive in his ideas. As the author of books, Shombit provokes you on different subjects, whether it’s about design, business ideas, the consumer or about the media. He’s always been original, always disruptive; you can agree or disagree with him, but you can never ignore him. He talks about some very interesting elements that we need to look at in today’s world. He says the methods by which people communicate, how the organization adds value, and a company achieves leadership, have all changed. I am fascinated by the way Shombit has connected the consumer, the change in the consumer, the change in the media, and the change in the business success process.”
Corrugated Slices, the Social Jalebi switches on the fountain of jalebi feelings that society injects into the world of business without which business cannot be pursued. It exposes how only customers can decide which business offerings they will accept with a sweet crunch, the way they enjoy a jalebi. In sum, business hangs on the whims, smiles, politics, tantrums and convolutions of society, not on impeccable strategy or financial number crunching.
Corrugated Slices, the Social Jalebi has out-of-the-ordinary insights covering heterogeneous Indian society, be it in education, religion, living conditions, films, women’s issues, or political slipups while sharing and comparing Indian and international experiences in the same breath. It is a European way of looking at different everyday happenings. The book with four major chapters, Indiscope, My political whiff, Globetrotter and Societal and business convergence, makes you relook at what you already know by presenting innovative ideas such as “Does thinking exist?” The jalebi’s negative–positive influence is an absolute connect with Indian and international youth. The bias toward the young generation is obvious; the book is narrated under small subheadings, making it engaging for people who have time and patience on a shoestring. The postface has a call for action at 3 levels - country, enterprise and individual.
The essence of the Jalebi Trilogy and the fundamental business ideation parameter as articulated author Shombit Sengupta is “Incredible quality of customer understanding will take you to the summit of business.”
48 hours to leave France
  Art of the brand  
  Jalebi Management  
  Strategic Pokes  
Corrugated Slices
1st book: 1991
48 hours to leave France
in French Publisher: Michelle Lafont, Paris
2nd book: 1994
Art of the brand,
The 10 commandments of strategic design Publisher: Rupa, India
3rd book: 2007
First book of Jalebi Trilogy: Jalebi Management, All stakeholders can enjoy a bite Publisher: Sage Publications, USA
4th book: 2014
Second book of Jalebi Trilogy: Strategic Pokes, The Business Jalebi Publisher: Sage Publications, USA
5th book: 2015
Third book of Jalebi Trilogy: Corrugated Slices, The Social Jalebi Publisher: Sage Publications, USA
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